My Experience with Ireland Luxury Tours Last Fall

picture from ireland luxury tours fall 2014Last October, I took my vacationing to the next level. Most of the time, I like to travel light so I can backpack around the local spots, crash wherever I feel like and not have to worry too much about the things I bring with me. Usually it’s a backpack full of a few changes of clothes, toiletries and a journal along with some key survival items, which are another topic. I booked with an Ireland luxury tours company that is run by people who are natives to Ireland and know all the sweet local spots and the touristy spots around the country as well. I went this route as a treat to myself since I had a pretty good year financially in 2014 plus I have some Irish blood. Not that I know anyone there but it is good to at least travel the land or your ancestors. Which is particularly why I started writing in this blog, to help people reconnect with their ancestry and to make the world a smaller place.

My Luxury Irish Vacation Exploits

While on my tour, I had many options for recreation and sightseeing. But my driver always gave me the very best and Maurice, who works there, gave me some great ideas on where to visit. So with that in mind, I let go of my own hopes and expectations only to realize they were shooting “too low.” My driver insisted we visit Kylemore Abbey, which I had honestly never heard of. Boy was I surprised by the overwhelming nostalgia and beauty of this place. It gave me a sense of pride that I had some Irish blood in my veins. And the smells of the air were somehow unique to the area, smells I had never sensed before and probably never will. Sure, there was freshly cut grass, but there are other flowers, herbs and trees that are unique to the area which bring a sweet smelling incense – type of nostril luxury to the senses that I have seldom appreciated in such depth.

Throughout this blog, I will reference my trip to Ireland many times I’m sure. I only hope that in reading this, you are as interested in visiting your land of heritage, wherever that might be, sooner now than later.

A few options for booking a luxury tour:

“The wise make goals, the leaders make reservations.”